1. You’re like the spirits
    the children invent
    to inhabit the stuffed horse
    and the doll.
    I don’t know who hears me.
    I don’t know who speaks
    when the horse speaks.

    — from “To the Reader: Twilight” by Chase Twitchell

  2. Invention…does not consist in creating out of a void, but out of chaos.

    — Mary Shelley, 1831 Introduction to Frankenstein

  3. We were moving out, boy, with the three hundred suns of the Pleiades glittering like a puddle of jeweled milk on our left, and all blackness wrapped around our right. The ship was me, I was the ship.

    — Dan, Nova by Samuel Delaney


    — every potterhead in this world (via hathawayroza)

  5. Random fact of the day


    “Blood is thicker than water”, when used in the context of family over friends, is in fact a wildly incorrect bastardisation.

    The true, full quote is The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” and refers to relationships forged by choice holding deeper meaning than those of mere biology.

  6. janecrocker:

    canon jesus is way cooler than fanon jesus

    canon jesus was a sassy middle eastern guy who literally said “did i fucking stutter” and hung out with prostitutes

    fanon jesus is just some boring white guy who sits around hugging lambs

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  8. fuckyeablackart:

Fly, dragon by ~meirouVisit fuckyeablackart.tumblr.com


    Fly, dragon by ~meirou

    Visit fuckyeablackart.tumblr.com

  9. Dagger owned by Princess Adile Sultana (1825-1898)

    Dagger owned by Princess Adile Sultana (1825-1898)

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  10. onna-bugeisha, female samurai, circa late 1800s 

    onna-bugeisha, female samurai, circa late 1800s 

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  11. I wish that I was brave…or maybe just a little less afraid

  12. Mona Eltahawy: An Open Letter to Women Writers of Color by Gloria Anzaldúa →

    21 Mayo 1980

    Dear mujeres de color, companions in writing -
    I sit here naked in the sun, typewriter against my knee trying to visualize you. Black woman huddles over a desk in the fifth floor of some New York tenement. Sitting on a porch in south Texas, a Chicana fanning away mosquitos and the hot air, trying to arouse the smoul- dering embers of writing. Indian woman walking to school or work lamenting the lack of time to weave wrriting into your life. Asian American, lesbian, single mother, tugged in all directions by children, lover or ex-husband, and the writing.
    It is not easy writing this letter. It began as a poem, a long poem. I tried to turn it into an essay but the result was wooden, cold. I have not yet unlearned the esoteric bullshit and pseudo-intellectualizing that school brainwashed into my writing.
    How to begin again. How to approximate the intimacy and immediacy I want. What form? A letter, of course.
    My dear hermanas, the dangers we face as women writers of color are not the same as those of white women though we have many in common. We don’t have as much to lose - we never had any privileges. I wanted to call the dangers “obstacles” but that would be a kind of lying. We can’t transcend the dangers, can’t rise above them. We must go through them and hope we won’t have to repeat the performance.
    Unlikely to be friends of people in high literary places, the beginning woman of color is invisible both in the white male main- stream world and in the white women’s feminist world, though in the latter this is gradually changing. The lesbian of color is not only invisible, she doesn’t even exist. Our speech, too, is inaudible. We speak in tongues like the outcast and the insane.

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  13. Django Unchained is about...White America? →


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Like Cinderella, girls. Do you read that? Like Cinderella. 


    Like Cinderella, girls. Do you read that? Like Cinderella. 


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